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Adrian Tchaikovsky – Children of Time (2015)


If I understand correctly, this book has been making waves (gravitational waves?) in the sci-fi community. Regardless of whether or not that’s actually the case, Children of Time made it onto my reading list and found itself devoured pretty quickly; I was burping up papery sci-fi gas for a while after that. This book is a pretty good example of what happens when two stories collide – a grand terraforming project gone mad meets the last vestiges of the civilization that birthed it. That alone you could glean from the dust jacket, but it was more than enough to grab my attention.

I don’t know what your tolerance for spoilers are, but at the risk of revealing too much, read on beyond the line.

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Bad Ideas #14: Culinary Edition

Food so good, you can eat it! …cannot be found within this installment. If you eat these, or perform the food related actions here, you’re likely to get a stomach ache… or worse.

131. White supremacist cheddar cheese

132. Exponentiating with bacon strips
It’s not against the law to use bacon bits, though.
133. Recursive Reese’s Pieces

134. Inside-out haggis sundae

135. Microsoft Beef™
The natural culmination of years of iSteakresearch, at half the price and a horrible reputation! I need to side-grade to the Linux Quornel.
136. Offal Lover’s pizza with extra sweetmeats

137. Dilemma pickles (except for gherkins)

138. Munitions grade sauerkraut
What’s the point of carpet bombing an area if the enemy is just going to scoop the stuff off the ground and put it in reubens?
139. Using bionic mangoes as prostheses

140. Slavery sandwiches
We thought they would go well with freedom fries and liberty cabbage… but ‘oppressive’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.

yum install gnu-replacement-stomach
Victim is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.