Published Works

First Contact Is Bad For You – This is a science fiction novel I’ve written – it’s been published since the beginning of September (although as of now, it’s only available as an eBook. Purchase it at Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. The book is DRM free to the best of my ability, so put it on your devices of choice.

If you’re interested in my musical career, check out my Youtube and SoundCloud pages to see things as I make them.

Most recent release so far:

Planepacked – Critical Mass: This is a straight up professionally produced studio album released on August 1st, 2017. Metaltronica fans take note.

I also have some much older content on Jamendo:

“Planepacked” – an EP of music composed and recorded entirely in Sibelius 5.2.5; uploaded in early 2010, just as I was starting my blog. You might find it interesting from a historical perspective, so get it here.

Planepacked II – Quantum Artifacts” – similar, but with Famitracker instead of Sibelius. Uploaded in late 2012. Listen to it on Youtube via this playlist.

I have an account on I am not working on anything at the moment – there are currently two short stories and one unfinished novella. All of it is rather satirical in nature. These are now old works, and they are not representative of my current writing abilities. I personally recommend “Merchandise Driven” because of its scope and content.

Tangentially related to fan-fiction: I’ve started posting After Action Replays on the Paradox Interactive forums. As of November 2014, the most complete and professional of these is The Australia Project, which probably rivals FCB for length and complexity. Seriously, you should check it out, at least if the idea of reading a work of popular history from an alternate universe interests you. Other attempts can be viewed from the convenience of my “inkwell“; they vary in length and completeness.

I wrote and edited for Death Metal Underground from August 2015 to March 2016. If you want even more writing on metal music from me than what years of blogging have provided, take a look. There are other talented writers there too, so give them a look if you’re interested.

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