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Bad Ideas #18: Good Ideas #5: Game Mashups #2: Subtitles All The Way Down

An occasional dosage of “bad ideas”… or good ideas comes in handy occasionally… although a lot of people seem to want more, and more, and ever more until you can never satiate the beast that drives them! Uh, I mean… you can read the previous installment here.

171. Crusader King’s Quest V

CEDRIC: “Save me, Graham!”
KING GRAHAM: “I can’t! My sled and a custard pie formed a faction to lower Crown Authority in Daventry!

172. Five Nights At Foreclosure’s

“Eh, if you don’t pay your bills, the animatronic bankers might try to stuff you in a slum. You can imagine being pressed inside one of those things might lead to discomfort and death.”

173. Rug Legacy

My family’s been saving up for ten generations in order to pay a visit to Stanley Steamer. We’ll get these Khidr stains out one of these years!

174. Duck Nukem vs. the Quack Pack

“Damn, those pantsless sailor bastards are going to pay for shooting up my ride.”

175.  Plaque Inc: Embossed

Excessive shininess and wooden glaze have helped you to sell over 200,000,000 commemorative plaques. That’s more than the amount of people who died in the Black Death!

176. Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: The Frozen Throne

I know we’ve been trying to scale up porcelain production to raise money for Cao Cao’s armies, but this is just ridiculous!

177. Microsoft Hooters Flight Simulator

These wings aren’t just for eating.

178. Call of Duty: Medieval Warfare

I realize I’ve pulled the ‘Call of Duty’ card several times before, and that games like Chivalry exist, but how else are you going to get a fire-breathing dragon from a killstreak?

179. Risen: A Baking Story

That’s not a dungeon! It’s the world’s largest oven!

180. Yo! Sengoku And His Friends Return!

I know you call yourself the Turtle Hermit, but building turtle ships and invading Korea is a terrible idea!

And that’s why we’ll probably have a 19th installment of Bad Ideas someday. Throughout this blog’s existence, we have barely even scratched the surface of what can be, what should be, and what must not under any circumstances be allowed to exist.

  1. 2014/11/07 at 13:28

    This is brilliant on so many levels… maybe more levels than I am brilliant on…

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