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“Second Contact Is Worse EP” now available!

folderMy music composition efforts have taken a rather thematic turn lately. Every day, Second Contact Is Worse gets a little closer to release, and a couple of songs I’ve released recently have taken ideas from it as inspiration. I figured it’d be sensible from a marketing perspective to bundle them together, and that’s where the idea for the ‘EP’ came from.

This is going to be a free digital release, like all of my musical efforts so far. Four of the songs I’m planning to include are already available on my Youtube and/or SoundCloud accounts. A fifth is under construction, and will be EP-exclusive for a while in the hopes that it gets the thing more downloads and buzz. It’ll eventually go up in the usual places, but if you want it available to the mass public earlier, you’ll want to flood the internet with buzz for this work, and that especially includes putting this icon I’ve made in every corner of the internet.

June 1st update: The EP exists! Download it here. It comes with cover art, liner notes, and losslessness due to FLAC formats.

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