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Bad Ideas #17: Good Ideas #4: Art Bounties

This feature is back on the advice of one of my buddies who told me something along the lines of, “I can’t stand that gosh-accursed metal music, but I love it when you put silly captions on pictures!”. Classy fellow.

Through the magic of tangents (thanks, trig!), I eventually found myself thinking about the various bad ideas I’d posted throughout this blog’s lifetime, and thinking that I wanted to see some of these illustrated. With that in mind, here are a couple that some day, in the future, I might PAY to have illustrated.

161. Ikaaae, Zeanly, and Pigpog, the three demons of Super Mario Bros corruption
Introduce these three impish fellows to your Game Genie™, and let the fun begin as you glitch your way through over 90% of the game!
162. JPEG Warrior
Bowto th mbster of losiness!(This slogan wuz compresed wit JPEG lg0rithms)
163. Optimus Prime rib
Abbatoirbots, assemble!
164. GNU Image Manipulation Program suit
It has to be durable, especially around the… sleeves. And it also has to be open source.
165. A free hotel with every purchase of $50 or more
“Boss, aren’t you worried this might cause a lot of inflation in the long term?” “Eh, that just means people will spend more of their money here.”
166. Mario and Sonic Are Surrounded By Death at The Olympic Games
“Are you sure the Badnik toss was a good choice for an event?” “Hey, you didn’t complain about the Goomba stomp.”
167. 343 Guilty Spork
“Oh dear. This soup… it’s like a Flood to my senses!”
168. Glenn Quackmire
“Who else but Quackmire? Giggity.”
169. Dive Man’s Day Off
Hey, Cameron. If we played by the rules, Rock wouldn’t be in Wily Stage Two by now.
170. A machine that juxtaposes random concepts to make horrific abominations
Oh… you’ve figured me out! You look nice. How’s the weather where you come from?
Now that I think of it, a lot of older Bad Ideas installments are rife with opportunities for illustration. Maybe I can art-bounty those too.


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