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Timeghoul – 1992-1994 Discography (2012)


Timeghoul… a.k.a. “Band rescued by the internet #52836″… a.k.a. “Band almost perfectly tailored to my tastes”. This is a set of two demos that were given some extra mixing and production work in preparation for a ‘modern’ re-release, and it’s enough evidence to prove that Timeghoul, had circumstances been different, was on par with if not ahead of the A-list death metal of their era. The first thing prospective listeners might notice is a bit of a sci-fi sheen to the proceedings, perhaps reminiscent of Voivod or Nocturnus, but Timeghoul’s roots extend deeper than that.

One key to the musical success of this album is that Timeghoul manages to explore a great deal of musical territory within a fairly consistent aesthetic. The sound of this compilation is more conventional on its first half (Tumultuous Travelings), but even that shows signs of the melodic and sci-fi elements that the second half (Panoramic Twilight) brought to the forefront. The second half does benefit from a substantially cleaner production that allows the melodic side of the music to shine through; because of this, the first half is rendered more notable for its riffs and rhythms. Both productions tend towards a fairly typical fuzzy, bassy death metal approach; the basslines could be more audible, but either way, fairly conventional within band’s budget constraints.

While their aesthetic is consistenly fine, Timeghoul’s major strength as a band (and one reason I wish they had released more content in their time) is their strength as composers. I mentioned before that they explore a wide variety of death metal substyles on these demos; they also write lengthy, multi-section songs often reminiscent of progressive rock. However, the best example of their prowess is how they incorporate these instrumental ideas into their songs. For instance, consider the vocals – while the main style on display here is a lower-mid range growl (not as low as Suffocation or Incantation, for instance), there are sporadic sections of clean singing. These are primarily multi-vocalist, and the harmonies help add to the otherworldly/alien nature of these compositions. Interestingly, they are written in a similar fashion to the guitar leads, which are similarly melodic and paced at about the same speed as your average choral section.

The problem with writing about this band is twofold – their discography is limited in length, and I am a complete fanboy. The only real criticism I can make is that on the second demo, the longer songs contain a few sections that could be trimmed without diminishing them. Given that the demos received a modern rerelease, though, there’s a chance the band might be planning another release. I don’t know if they still have their inspiration after almost 20 years, but if they do and they end up releasing something, the metal world will rejoice.

Highlights: “The Siege”, “Gutspawn”, “Boiling in the Hourglass”


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