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Teaser: “Second Contact Is Worse”


Second Contact Is Worse is (rather shockingly) the sequel to First Contact Is Bad For You. It took slightly less time to draft than its predecessor, and is slightly longer. With any luck, it will take less time to revise – I finished drafting FCB in June 2010, but it came out over a year later. It helps that my work ethic has improved a little. This is one of the fringe benefits of having a blog – cranking out a few hundred words every day sharpens my writing and my time management.

So anyways, a few of the more interesting bits from the book:

  • Two major characters – Henry Weiss and Ishmael Abd-Al-Irfan, old friends of Decker who reunite with him to enact Machiavellian plans. Henry Weiss is in his 50s and has worked as a film director, a social worker, a vagrant, and other things. Ishmael is a Tuareg nomad born in Algeria who moved to the USA when he was 16 and met Ted Decker when the two were both in high school. Ishmael was designed specifically for this book, but Henry Weiss, as a character, has antecedents reaching as far back as when I was 12 years old.
  • Metema – a city on the border of Sudan and Ethiopia which grew into an ad-hoc arcology; it is notorious for its high population density, income inequality, and organized crime problems. Naturally, the protagonists traverse its dizzying heights.
  • Corot-7B – A hellish, uninhabited planet. Some of the protagonists of the last book end up on the star’s research team and uncover their own troubles with working together… followed by more alien robots, disturbing information about their apparent caste system, and the creeping insanity of Cromlech, the robot found guarding ruins on Groenheid in the first book.

When this comes out, there will probably be some (limited) opportunities for readers to get a free copy. Since this is explicitly a sequel, I’ll also be distributing copies of the original. More information on that when the time comes.

I’m also tentatively working on an unrelated novel that may see some experimentation with publishing models, since it’s in such an embryonic state., but leaking too much about that may alter its development for the worse, so I’ll talk about that another time.

Note from September 2013: If you’re visiting in the future and you feel the difference in time between this teaser and the actual release of the book is a bit much, please note that the US Copyright Office takes an incredibly long, irritating amount of time to file claims. It happened with the prequel, and it appears it’s happening with this.


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