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Bad Ideas #16: Good Ideas #3: Game Mashups

Remember the last time I spoke of video games in the context of bad ideas? Most of those were based around mashing one popular game series with another. I can do that again, right? The difference here being that these should be made. I guess. At least some of them.

151. Europa Universalis – Mega Man
Otto Man defeated! You got no weapon, because you didn’t have a proper Casus Belli.
152. Legend of Zelda Fitzgerald
Who would’ve known that the orgiastic light at the end of the pier was part of the Triforce?
153. Dishonored 3: The Defenestration Incident
Glass production is down thirteen percent in Dunwall. That’s not good.
154. Vonnegut the Hedgehog
Faster than ICE-9 in a lake!
155. Spurious Sam: The Second Encounter
Two years ago, you turned down a date. Now, you must fight so that Mental doesn’t become Mrs. Stone!
156. Catholic Mario Bros
Taken off the markets because, apparently, communion wafers don’t cause gigantism, and only trained professionals can breathe fire from wine.
157. Tar Control III
The devs received some flack because in this installment, hardcore lung surgery simulation gave way to a glorified Transport Tycoon clone…
158. Hero Hero
Too bad you can’t eat the end results, but you’re required to log 20 hours before you can work at Blimpie.
159. Call of Doobie: Modern Rock
Bring your sound into line with 21st century production standards! Rack up huge platinum record streaks! See how close you can get to country without alienating your core fanbase!
160. Jurassic Park: Egoraptor Edition
And I asked Raptor Jesus to save me from the carnal sins of the troodons, but all he did was make bizarre faces at me!

Bad ideas, good ideas, bad ideas masquerading as good ideas, good ideas trying to use the form of bad ideas to draw more attention than they would otherwise, it gets a little silly after a while. Hopefully the end result involves entertainment.

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