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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #9 – Dungeons and Dragons Edition

Matt “GrandDracolich” has indicated a significant interest in tabletop gaming and Forgotten Realms (a popular Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting) in the past. His Let’s Play channel, in fact, contains significant amounts of gameplay footage from Baldur’s Gate, he occasionally mentions the series on his blog, and he decided to post ten related pickup lines as part of his monthly obligation. The most recent (unthemed) installment can be read here.

81. Did you roll 5d8 for Charisma?
No, man! Charisma’s my dump stat. Want to see my Dexterity score?
82. Want me to Lay On Hands?
83. I have Enlarge Person memorized.
Like you’re going to cast it successfully in all that heavy armor.
84. You must’ve taken the Great Cleave feat.
85. I bet you’re a fun, random encounter!
86. You must have really poor armor class, ’cause I’d hit that!
87. How about you fail a few grapple checks so I can pin you?
88. I rolled a natural 1 on my Will save against your Charm Person.
Would you be willing to give me all of your money so I can invest it for you?
89. Hey baby, I hope you have a low Fortitude save.
90. That looks like a nice penalty to your Hide check.
To be honest, I always preferred the more streamlined, console flavored RPGs… with the exception of roguelikes. My gaming preferences can be pretty odd sometimes.

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