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Europa Universalis 3 – “Rise of the Third Rome”

This is an AAR (After Action Replay) of Europa Universalis 3 in which I take the country of Muscovy and use it to dominate the Holy Roman Empire, with interesting results. Context here. To put it quickly, I decided to perform an ahistorical event in a video game, and then use it as a springboard to write a story. Since I finished my playthrough in Europa Universalis 3 fairly quickly, I’m going to start uploading the ‘episodes’ here. I may cross-post them elsewhere, but for now, this blog seems like a nice place to put things. Remember that this is a hybrid storytelling/gameplay AAR, and the two formats alternate.
Note that although I’ve finished playing, I haven’t finished writing. Therefore, check back occasionally for more episodes.

Episode 1 – Viking Spawn (1399-1425)
Episode 2 – A Bad Case Of Nationalism (1425-1476)
Episode 3 – Going Russian (1476-1505)
Episode 4 – Becoming The Center of The World (1505-1565)
Episode 5 – The Father Country (1565-1600)
Episode 6 – Leashes and Leeches (1600-1647)
Episode 7 – Going Roman (1647-1680)
Episode 8 – Postmortem (1680-1700)

These are all Word documents – I’m using the earlier 97/2000/XP format since it exports better from LibreOffice. I might put an excerpt from the story sections up later, once it occupies a smaller portion of the uploaded content.

P.S: This got abandoned due to my belief that alternating between narrative and gameplay sections was harming the quality of the writing. If you want to see what happens when I finish an After Action Report, why not check out Nostalgia Freaks?

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