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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #8

This is the usual monthly guide. If you’re using these lines earnestly, you probably aren’t getting much from them. As usual, the writer is Matt “GrandDracolich“, and the last edition (mathematics themed) can be read here. Check out his blog if you’re interested in game design, especially in the context of first person shooters.
71. You aren’t washing your hair tonight, are you?

72. Do you have a tapeworm too? ‘Cause we could double-date.
Sorry, my tapeworm’s a lesbian.
73. So, how can you lie on your belly without popping those?

74. Are you a vegetarian? ‘Cause you look like a cow.

75. Don’t worry, I can reproduce!

76. You look like a girl!
The resemblance is only skin deep.
77. Are you a mortician? ‘Cause you look like the end of my sex-life.

78. Hey baby, is that a glowstick in my pocket or am I slightly radioactive?
Actually, I think you’re just really happy to see me.
79. Can I borrow your liver?
80. I overheard your name and carved it into my arm. Like it?
Uh, is that supposed to be an “a” or an “e”? I think you might’ve made a typo…
Using these pickup lines may give the ‘victim’ a “Diplomatic Insult” Casus Belli against you. All hail gratuitous Europa Universalis 3 references; I think that the first installment of my prospective AAR will go up near Thanksgiving, but the pace of updates will probably be quite slow until this semester at the University of Rochester ends. Incidentally, I’ve been trying the “WAMMO” mod, which is basically the barely recognizable grandchild of Miscmods combined with another popular mod called “AzeriEU3”.

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