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Teaser – “The Third Rome” – A Europa Universalis 3 AAR

So I’ve been playing a lot of Europa Universalis 3 lately. Not very uncommon, although it might become rarer when Europa Universalis 4 comes out, especially as that game receives expansion packs and user-created modifications. I don’t blame myself – it’s the sort of game I enjoy, and I’d say it, along with one of Paradox Interactive’s other series – Victoria, is basically the spiritual successor to Imperialism.
Anyways, Paradox’s games tend to be especially popular targets for After-Action Replays – a specific sort of Let’s Play generally limited to strategy games that generally relies on text (and some images) to show off gameplay. They often try to tell a coherent story within the limits of the game. They are most certainly defined in many corners of the internet, so look them up if you need more details. The one I’m planning within Europa Universalis 3 is one where I take a moderate power in Eastern Europe – the grand duchy of Muscovy and attempt to form a unified state representing the Holy Roman Empire with it. Needless to say, it’s very ahistorical, since real life Muscovy (which eventually declared itself the Russian Empire) wasn’t interested in Germany, the states between them and that area were bent on containing it, and Russia was also partially hamstrung by its massive size and relatively limited infrastructure.
A few notes:

  1. I intend to write about the gameplay mostly out of character. Interspersed will be some stories and documents written from the perspective of in-game characters (none are fixed, and most will be fictional).
  2. I am playing with the latest expansion (Divine Wind, patched to version 5.1), and MiscMods 0.799, which makes some small tweaks to the game to allow for more types of events to happen, etc. It also adds some alternate history scenarios.
  3. Currently, I have played from the earliest start date, October 14th, 1399, to 1476. I will continue to play as long as I feel I can make interesting events happen, but the game ends in 1820. I have no intent of attempting to import this through Paradox’s other games (which you can do – the next step would be for me to put the game in Victoria II).
  4. I’m probably going to use this blog as my primary avenue for updating this AAR. I may upload it to other locations, such as Paradox Interactive’s official forums, if I feel it is good enough. Due to the length and potentially heavy picture content, I expect installments will be primarily available as PDF attachments. Story-based content will most likely show up directly as posts.
  5. Besides attempting to become the Holy Roman Empire and enacting the decision that unifies all countries within it under one state, my other goals for this game are converting as many areas to Orthodox Christianity as possible, and doing as little colonization as possible. That last one isn’t final, but even if extending Russia to the Pacific and gaining influence within Europe is historically plausible, it would probably make the game too easy. I might lift that restriction if I meet my main goal.

EU3 players have written about many insane exploits, like trying to turn the weakest nations in the game (ranging from one province minors in Europe like Bar and Mazovia to Native American tribes like the Iroquois) into superpowers capable of tangling with Europe, and also about their attempts to create plausible alternate histories. This, I feel, is somewhere in between. I’m going to set a loose goal (with plenty of padding) to start posting the installments in December, although I could probably start earlier if I didn’t feel I needed as much of a buffer.

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