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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #7 – Mathematics Edition

Don’t try these at home, kids. Then again, who would use a pickup line earnestly in the comfort of their own homes?
Matt “GrandDracolich” keeps pumping these out like I used to pump out the trademark “Bad Ideas”. The way he does it, I almost get the feeling he’s interested in entertaining readers of this blog. Incidentally, the last installment had no specific theme.
61. Honey, just call me the zero-vector, ’cause I have… no length…
At least you have width… oh wait.
62. Hey baby, just call me a tangent line… ’cause I am OUTTA HERE!
63. I tried the ratio test on you and got indeterminate, so it looks like I’ll have to do something else to you.
64. Nice amplitude.
Nice frequency.
65. You remind me of trigonometry; lots of curves… and boring as hell.
66. Hey baby, we’re perfect for one another, and I can prove it with mathematical induction! I’ll start by sleeping with your sisters.
67. I’d like to see your asymptotes, horizontal.
68. How about we play sine and cosine and make a tangent?
Okay, but I get to be on top.
69. If you tried to graph my function as I’m looking at you, it’d be a heart.
If you’re looking for a relation… try someone who’s actually in your league.
70. Is your name Frenet? ‘Cause you have a mean curvature.
In a horrifying alternate universe, the next edition will (somehow) be 3-dimensional. Keep in mind that so far, GrandDracolich has at least enough lines remaining for a half a dozen more episodes, and is adding more all the time.

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