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Stupid LoLSpeak #9 – Sailing The Seas of Stupid Edition

So this latest edition doesn’t completely fail to coincide with the release of the Honor system, Riot Games’ desperate attempt to get the players to behave by giving them another ranking system. It’s a sound idea, but it wouldn’t be necessary, except for the fact the average Leaguer is still a prepubescent imbecile with an imaginary 12 inch phallus. Considering what Riot has to put up with, I salute them. Mind you, I don’t get the brunt of it; I just collate the cream of the crap from the Tribunal.

201. “wtffff retardad taunt”
Halt, brute! The third Commandment states that thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother!
202. “vayne, save everyone the trouble, and shuv a fking grenage up ur rectumm:)”

203. “sorry guys my uncle to turn off the computer so i had to the i had to re log in”

204. “LOLOLOLOLOl youre a faggot.. you are just full of so much faggotry.. you are …….. a bag of faggot”
Can I be two?

205. “It bothers me that the word gay is even allowed in a name.”

206. “i am hero karthus bait me karthus bait me like pro”
This one was contributed by our good friend Matt ‘GrandDracolich‘ ThisJokeWhereIGiveHimington AFakeLastNameIsGettingOld.
207. “i ping u come listen dumbie direct counter to me stop being a nerd”

208. “i hate op hero coz u dono what items they need”

209. “hahahahahama be3raf ye7ke 3arabe -_-”
And a ef8riti z0n8az100 to you, too!
210. “cmon skins are for gay it dont make your strong”

211. “he swroe a lot and i got scared”
Mommy, mommy! He made a oath! My little kid ears have melted! They grow back, right?
212. “me the only one who comes and prepare for my warm REPORT you dumm agressive abuse good luck you”

213. “keeping saying bad which is not true but all bull shits about me”

214. “troling wrote it her self chck chat is a bitch fed ddint do nothin”

215. “we dont deserve it anyway 3 people on the team are butch lesbians”

216. “i have never seen a good none amrican play played welll”

217. “i was 1-1-7 noob till i relized you sucked dick”
To those who say that excessive sexual stimulation isn’t distracting… I’m guessing you haven’t been in this situation.

219. “i take shit in your face pfffff run bitch”
And welcome back to “WHO FARTED?” I’m your host, and also the answer to the question.
220. “Wanna tlak about shitty team and my team”

221. “need u buttybuddy pretty pathetic”

222. “ganked gun abd jukke dgun”

223. “run run of me noob”

224. “not sure if this is correct , but she/he refuse to cooperate”
Skynet.exe has suffered a fatal memory leak and must close.
225. “u fuckn ewait a bit i didnt know uerr a fuckn idiot”
You heard it here, folks. League of Legends players don’t think patience is a virtue.

It’s like a endless gold mine, except the gold is actually iron pyrite, and for some reason, the price of gold has collapsed despite this.

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