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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #6

If you want to perceive Matt “GrandDracolich” as a wise man who knows about game design in first person shooters, try his blog; it might help. Otherwise, I sincerely hope you don’t use these lines for their ‘intended’ purpose. If you must, be aware that the previous installment was science-themed.

51. I can tell your house shows up on a road map as a truck stop.

52. You look just like my parole officer’s mother.

53. So, under my clothes, I’m naked.
Isn’t not wearing any underwear really uncomfortable?
54. I’ve been staring at you for the past three hours. I feel like I should pay you.
Damn right, you should pay me! I’m not pole dancing for charity.
55. Hey baby, I can smell you across the room.

56. I’m getting married next week.

57. Hey, can you slap me as hard as you can and walk away? I have a reputation to maintain, but don’t want to try anymore.

58. I would LOVE to see you in a police suspect lineup.

59. I remember you from the clinic!
You’d better be totally lice free after last time.
60. Hi, I’m God.

Remember when I used to handle my own bad ideas? I’ve basically outsourced that now. Gives me more time to write about other things, I suppose.


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