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Now offering a review service for music!

It’s very simple. If you’re, by your own description, a hard-working metal band that’s trying to get off the ground and want some promotion, send me an email containing a link to one of your recordings with the words “Please Review” in the subject, and I’ll write up 400-500 words on it for here. Mind you, I do not guarantee I will praise your work, but if you’ve been reading this, you’ll note that I’m generally a rather ‘gentle’ critic, so as long as your work is at least decent, you should be fine. Note that I’m trying to focus mostly on metal, although I’m also interested in progressive rock and certain sorts of electronic music (think more Tangerine Dream than Tiesto).

Why am I doing this? It’s basically symbiotic – You get an independent source offering an honest opinion on your music (which is great if you’re good at making music, or at least incorporating elements that I like), and I get some traffic and content for my blog. This comes at no cost to you. I don’t expect I’ll be doing this forever; it depends mostly on the volume of requests I receive. Act fast.

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