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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #4

Yes, these are going to be monthly. Yes, our friend Matt ‘GrandDracolich’ ProbablyhidingfromtheFBI O’rsomething keeps cranking them out. You can read the last installment (which was computer science themed) here, or visit his Youtube channel here.
31. You have a nice skull.
32. Hey baby, your name must be Ms. Shapen.
Actually, it’s Ms. Doubtfire. You must be confusing me with someone else.
33. Are you my mommy?
34. What’s your sign? Mine is ‘DANGER! Biohazardous waste!’
35. Hey baby, you look like my sister.
36. Come here often? ‘Cause I’ve followed you in here about eight times this month.
Unlikely. A man’s refractory period is quite lengthy.
37. What blood type are you? I really need to know within the next five minutes.
38. I’d invite you to my place but I… don’t really want to.
39. Wanna join my cult?
40. …and long story short, that is why I’m the most awesome person in this room.
Hey, I think Neal Stephenson just entered the bar!
Incidentally, and tangentially related to recent material, anyone who can think of a Kobaian pickup line shall be considered a god.

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