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Publication Notice – “Scramble for the Americas”

I started a new ‘series’ of fiction, one I’ve been intending to try my hand at for a long time. “Scramble for the Americas” is a work in which everyone discovers North America earlier and colonizes more aggressively, with history changing results. If my writing were to be placed on a spectrum of seriousness, this would be rather close to the ‘realistic’ end of things, being an attempt at a plausible alternate history. For the record, my fanfiction tends towards the zany, while First Contact Is Bad For You and the always gestating webcomic project are hovering somewhere in the middle. Check back occasionally – a new installment might be up.

Currently, we’re in the first loose arc, in which I introduce the major players.

Scramble for the Americas #1 – “Lions of the West”

Scramble for the Americas #2 – “Natives and Norsemen”

Or, if you want to artificially inflate traffic to my web presence (and believe me, you do), read it at deviantART.

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