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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work #3: Compsci Edition

The guy (Matt ‘GrandDracolich’ Anonymous Parson) who does these is a computer science major. Isn’t that something? The previous installment, which is more varied, can be read here. Incidentally, his LP recording setup has improved in recent weeks; especially a reason to check out his Youtube channel. You can supplement your stupid LoLSpeak with more competent gameplay; he particularly likes spectating and recording high Elo games (2300+).


21. Call my constructor method, see what happens.
Uh, what input does it take? 5.25 inch or 3.5 inch?
22. How do you feel about UNIX? Please don’t mishear that one.

23. Why don’t you come back to my place and we can iterate over each other?

24. You’re not my type, but I wouldn’t mind casting you to it just this once.
Are you sure? I’m very strongly typed and don’t have support for generics.
25. Wanna concatenate?

26. Are you soft, where?

27. Hey baby, you look like you’re early FORTRAN, but I promise I won’t punch.
And you look like Malbolge!
28. Wanna see how a Do-While loop works?

29. I set my array to contain two objects. All that’s missing is you.

30. Want an access violation?
Hey! That’s an illegal operation! Don’t make me terminate you with my mace!

A little more esoteric than usual, but this is what I have niche audiences for.


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