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Publication notice – Price Reduction

In the next few days, I plan to slash the price of First Contact Is Bad For You. It’ll be the same book, but you can get it at half the price! Isn’t that great?

This is not just a sale (like Barnes and Noble have occasionally done by putting the price down to $7.99), but a permanent reduction. Within a week or so, the price of the book should be only $4.99, making the purchase less of a gamble if you haven’t been convinced by this blog’s writing prowess.

Anyways, you may be interested to know of some related projects.

1. I am working on the sequel. It’s going fairly slowly, to be honest – I started work in earnest in November, and most of my time since then has been taking up with all sorts of college related tasks. Suffice it to say: “Drug diplomacy” – a good deal of the book takes place on Earth.

2. More immediately, I’m working on a video game that acts as a sidestory to the game. It’s going to be an old style point and click adventure game programmed in Stencyl, although the graphics are probably going to end up looking more like a JRPG on the SNES – Think Final Fantasy VI or such. It’s intended to have a more farcial tone than the rest of the series.

The latter I hope to get out before I return to college for my senior year.

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