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Bad Ideas #15 – Televised Edition

I’m not sure what force of nature it would take to make these shows exist, but my earliest hypothesis is that it’s the superdevil.

141. Degrassi: Star Trek
In all honesty, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of a Starfleet Academy spinoff yet. I’m not saying it should be done, only that it could.
142. The Crying Game of Thrones
Ned Stark joins the IRA, bringing new meaning to the Time of Troubles.
143. Who Wants To Be A Game Show Host?
Hope the HR department is ready for this one.
144. Alderaan’s Funniest Home Videos
We ran a season of that, but now it’s like our millions of videos a year were suddenly silenced…
145. Freddy Krueger’s Kitchen Nightmares
It was either him or Gordon Ramses.
146. Television Knows Best
When parental guidance fails, the kids seek wisdom by watching their favorite shows!
147. Teenage Mutant Ninja Top Models
I knew they were trying to take ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ (see 129) in new directions, but this just unfairly objectifies ninjas.
148. Call of Duty: Fishing with Jimbo
He’s a real master at bass fishing, but his haddock could use some work.
149. H.T.Webster in the 22nd Century
What a horrible night to be a milquetoast.
150. Teletubbies: The Custard Crusades
In tonight’s episode, Noo-Noo takes Constantinople, leaving the Holy Land in the hands of the Seljuk Turks.

On the other hand, most of us aren’t too keen on what the networks have been putting out.

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