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Stupid LoLSpeak #7 – Edition Against Virtuous Behavior

More brilliance than ever! If you’ve been keeping up with this series, you’ll notice the recurrence of many common themes, like a complete and utter inability to grasp basic English spelling and punctuation. More importantly, the concealed loathing of skill, as players who underperform are often begged to stop playing entirely.

151. “he stay fking my game”
And we start off strong.
152. “i die for let sejuani kill jarvan but she is a noob”

153. “never more i play this people”

154. “omfg lucker minians toke 95% Hp noob!!!”
Oh man, those minivans (?) are full of purple haze. My fingers are finging like crazy, dude!
155. “scrub the fucksuck that exist”
The entries before 157 were significantly further in the past than the ones after. I looked at this one and wondered if it was even real.
156. “when someone does in the battle no longer count?”

157. “omg wota bad on u but if u sel i reprot u”

158. “lol u guys ar bad srub”
There’s almost an idea and some syntax here. It gives out around “U”, though.
159. “if heal was noob, it wouldnt help me pwn u”

160. “please jax because just laning and getting farm”

161. “wowowowowoowwo idiitoiodsiodss idiots sitisakl”
In retrospect, this was probably a lag spike. But typing the name of the Dark Lord is probably very dangerous.
162. “i sok we will rock them 4 us in vent dude”

163. “u can surneder any time noobies since its 3 vs 5”
The person who said this was on the 3 player team.
164. “idc what ur bad unstianll”

165. “omg -_- fk the range for me”
You do realize you could buy a strap-on, right?
166. “turn of ur computer kassadian”

167. “everytime then proceeds to everyone is a fag”
Yeah! I feel you… having a stroke.
168. “im a single dad and im in the military so dont be a DOUCHE BAG”

169. “dude yi skin is like 300 if you blow me”
THIS! IS! WUJU STYLE! (No, this is Patrick!)
170. “fuck you and ur gas as fuck holds”
You could and should sell Pepto-Bismol.
171. “u have no friends solo que AHHAAHAHAH”

172. “fuck u…u know karths ult… so ur noob”
The Less You Know
173. “emphasis on the troll your”


175. “Please read the chatlog. A lot abussive languaje and racial slurs :S.”
Oh, you don’t know the half of it.

Remember how, in my last post, I said the insanity was beginning to decline? I was dead wrong.

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