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Pickup Lines That (Probably) Won’t Work: Part II

…and “Probably” should be like “If your friends are completely insane”, you know? Matt “GrandDracolich” Doesnotwanthis O’realidentityontheInternettobenknownington returns with more lines you should use if you want to be a date repellant. Hey, sometimes it happens. Check out the original installment here. If you’re into DooM, Quake, and other games from the 1990s, check out his Youtube channel here.

11. Hey baby, I’m not Canadian.
Beef and lamb, chicken and ham, step to the left and clap your hands! *Fart*
12. My twin brother is filling in for me at the asylum tonight. 😀

13. Do you hate Steve McGarret? ‘Cause the first thing I thought when I saw you was ‘Wo Fat’!

14. Hey baby, I think you need glasses, ’cause your lipstick is REALLY uneven.

15. Well, you just caught my eye. Please let it go.

16. So, how much for the night?
50 bucks and your immortal soul. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a bargain.
17. Hey baby, you look like Teal’c!
I was surprised to find that Ronald Emmerich directed the original Stargate film.
18. Oh wow, I’ve been looking for a beautiful, smart girl! But you’ll do.

19. You remind me of a girl I used to know. She’s dead now.

20. I have four bottles of hand sanitizer, a stolen truck and six hours left! Let’s go!
Hold on! I left my jumper cables and butter in the trunk of my car!

Oh, sure. I’d love to go out with you on Friday, but unfortunately, I plan to wash my hair that day.


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