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Bad Ideas #13: Literacy Related Edition

“omg bookz r dyin it took u 13 instalments to get to da bookz”

Doomsayers, silence yourselves, for 10 books that should not be written are upon thee.

121. Bromance of the Three Kingdoms
“That’s in the book already!” warned a friend of mine, claiming that it was between Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

122. Great Expectations With A Vengeance
Enough is seldom adequate. Plenty never is.

123. Oliver Twist Gone Wild V
Thrilling depictions of Twist asking for more from everyone you wanted, from prostitutes to those fat cats in D.C!

124. Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”: The Novel
… What? Sometimes I need to breathe.

125. And Then There Were ZUN
Originally called ‘Ten Little Lolicons” in the Japanese market.

126. Buy This Book
GenXers with bitter memories of OK Cola flock to this like… scene kiddies to Warped? Is there any music festival these days with the impact of Woodstock, or even Lollapalooza?

127. Henry Huggins in: “Subprime Mortgage Trouble”
Not for him, of course, but when your neighbors get kicked out of their homes, the property values do go down…

128. The Vegetables of Evil: The Baudelaire Cookbook
Now spleen and ideal don’t need to be just spleen and ideal! For instance, see page 38 for a delicious carrion offal recipe.

129. The Da Vinci Code II: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Jesus had pizza at the last supper, and Shredder is the heir to the Merovingian throne…

130. The Fellowship of the Discography of Ildjarn
Because apparently the ability to appreciate music with abrasive aesthetics leads to domination by Sauron.

10 installments ago, I said that these were going to keep coming. They do, but at a relatively restrained pace compared to what it used to be. Also, today is my 20th birthday. I’m slightly older now!

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