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The Return of The Primary Writing Class – Final Paper

Several months ago, I showed you guys the short essay I wrote on blogging for my primary writing requirement class way back in my freshman year. Given some time, I’ve decided that my final paper, in which I discussed the value of video games in an educational context (mainly using the MMO Atlantica Online as a source of examples). It was written under time pressure, but it seems relatively coherent in retrospect, although the seams of heavy revision show (in the few days before I published it, I rewrote several pages of it). Anyways, you might find it interesting, so check it out (and the sources I cite, if you have access to them) if you’re into video games and justifying things.


“Why Video Games Have Use In A School Context”


As for Atlantica Online? It was fun in late 2009/early 2010, but I lost interest around level 95 (out of 130) or so, which incidentally is when the game starts getting much grindier than before. Nothing against the developers, although I’m not really seeing myself being able to get back into it.

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