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5,000 Views – Is This Worth Mentioning?

Frankly, I don’t know, but it seems to be more than a lot of blogs get. On the other hand, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of websites that record 5,000 hits a day or more. But the point is that, according to WordPress’s stats, the blog hit 5,000 views today.

Speaking of stats, here are some more:

  • The busiest day was March 10th, 2011, when WordPress recorded 80 views. This month, the most views I’ve received on any given day were 35 on January 7th.
  • March 2011 was also the month with the most views – 478.
  • 2011, although light on traffic so far, has still been more active than 2010. The highest view count in 2010? 209 for December 2010; only in one month of 2011 did I receive less traffic (June 2011).
  • Out of all the articles, the one with the most comments is this one, where I claimed that the brief use of a King Crimson sample in the single track “Power” by Kanye West would not contribute to the awareness of the former. This was before I decided it was best to ignore mainstream pop. As of this writing, it only has 4 comments. It’s followed by a writeup on Morbid Angel’s 5th album, “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh”.
  • Akismet (the blog’s spam protector) has detected a whopping 3,510 spam comments. They have been blocked, and for good reason. The greatest number of them came in August, 2011; in that month I received 626 spam comments.

If it seems like pointless masturbation over numbers, that’s because it probably is. At this point, I have a large amount of content, but it’s mostly aimed at niche audiences like League of Legends players and metalheads. What you guys can do for me is tell your friends and family about this blog, get them to read it. It probably won’t benefit you in any way, but did you think about that when you forwarded that video of the sneezing panda to your entire workforce?

I thought so.

My spring semester classes begin tomorrow. They ought to be fun, or at least useful.

P.S: I’m not blacking out the site for the SOPA/PIPA protests on 1/18. While I support the complete and utter destruction of everything these bills stand for (and the removal of its supporters from their positions of power), I just don’t have the site traffic for it to matter.

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