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Stupid LoLSpeak #4: AD Veigar Edition

I remember, during my early DotA career, many players who built randomly. League of Legends doesn’t generally have that problem because of the ‘recommended items’ functionality. You can drop into a game with a hero you don’t know anything about, and Riot will generally provide you with the items to get started. Extremely bad builds are, therefore, mostly limited to trolling, like the infamous Zeal-stacking. But I digress.

Today’s crop comes in a time where the average English literacy of LoL players seems to have gone down… even more than before. I’m not sure if that’s foreigners making the effort to speak English (I met some nice Polish speaking players the other day), or the average player age falling further, but it’s still not a good sign, unless you’re me, and you like making these posts. Commentary in italics.

76. “i mid u fucks”
Starting off simple, and with good reason.
77. “I didnt know i died”

78. “i take ur turrent score win bonus in game?”
Can’t steal victory in a team game.
79. “lost game watch me how i fed”

80. “ufag and bad”
Nothing like using homophobia to reduce the quality of your life!
81. “im gunan fuck up everything in mah house”
I’m guessing this guy doesn’t understand Mrs. Tits. You’re just supposed to fuck her, not fuck her up!
82. “u wotn gonna talk u fink noob”
I remember that the person this was addressed to, in the tribunal game that it showed up, was very talkative, even after this.
83. “this moron duo wiht a troll”

Surely you can remember something you used in the same statement?
85. “omg u two shit hopeless”
Hey, I play on the toilet as well!
86. “noob dont go positive u has 2 feed”

87. “omg i report u cuz i call u nigger and ur not nigger”
Now, I know you just discovered the magic of 50 Cent and Usher, but this is unbecoming of an honorary African.
88. “spamming but really spamming plz check chat suiciding whinning”

89. “1v5 and u run? fukken uninstall”

90. “he sais i dont care im goona fuck the game”

91. “if you dont ban him i curs you”
Man, if I had gypsy magic, I would TOTALLY use it to cheat at League of Legends. What are you talking about?
92. “fuk u like a dam woman”
Like cousin Merle, or Maris?
93. “he sauck so bad not stupid”

94. “say me fuc king noob”

I am error.

97. “i use feeding to have noob team”

These last few people have been quite ill tempered. Perhaps Riot should hand out milk and cookies at the next Dreamhack?
99. “BIG TALKER, can stop insulting our garen and she can’t handle die without talk.”

100. “takeing blue buff perpussly 2 times in a time spane of about 1 min”
I forget who said this, and who they were accusing, but it was probably an enemy.

Same cherry picking, same results.

  1. 2011/11/04 at 18:56

    Oh god. These are priceless. I think I’ll share them with my League playing friends…thanks for linking me here! 🙂

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