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Celebrity paradoxes in my fiction

For reference.

If you’ve been reading some of the stories I put up on here and Fanfiction.net, you might notice that I find this idea rather interesting. Obviously, the basic case (Series X the fiction does not exist within the universe of Series X) is rather simple and often not worthy of discussion. But what happens you subvert this? If you’re like me, all sorts of absurdity. So far, this has only manifest in my fanfictions, but who knows where they’ll pop up next?

Anyways, for reference:

  • Tweaking” is basically what happens when I try to play Oblivion with an integrated graphics card. In real life, it went surprisingly well after I ran a program called “PyFFI” to optimize the ‘meshes’ of the game’s geometry (removing the absurd amount of invisible polygons in the files) and downloaded some mods. On the other hand, if you woke up one day, perceiving the world at a low framerate, and found yourself unable to move quickly, with broken reflexes, would you do nearly as much as the main protagonist of the story would? In the end, the character’s ‘owner’ buys a new computer, and modifies the personality of the narrator for the worse. In the present, I worry that this story reeks of wish fulfillment, but otherwise. This is probably the most tenuous link, and it comes in near the end.
  • Flying Pillars Across the Universe” approaches the question in a simpler fashion. The existence of Akira Toriyama’s work within DBZ is a deus ex machina, but it sets things up fairly effectively, even if the main story has ended up focusing on several other ideas (and the gratuitous incorporation of characters from whatever media I’m consuming at the moment). Exactly what becomes of the book is unknown, but considering how quickly things diverge from canon (especially after the protagonists start hopping universes to solve their problems), it would rapidly become useless. Then, with the introduction of ‘Trucks’, the crazed GT fanboy, this gets taken up to 11.
  • Merchandise Driven“, which is the most recent of the relevant stories. In this case, Beast Wars characters land on Earth in the present, so instead of engaging in the aforementioned Beast Wars, they compete by selling Transformers toys in their likeness. Compared to the other two, this is probably the most in-depth discussion of the idea. If I’ve done a good job with it, several lines between Transformers canon and Transformers fandom will be smashed to little bits. For instance, one of the major events in the story so far involves Maximals raiding one of the Predacon manufacturing facilities to contaminate their supplies with an infamous gold plastic used in the mid 1990s prone to breaking terribly.

It’d probably be a bad idea to focus on the idea too much, but for now, it makes the act of writing this stuff more fun.

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