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Vektor – Black Future (2009)

Much has been made of this band resembling Voivod. The logo, the album art, the lyrics all have the pulp sci-fi thing that the band was known for. On the other hand, the music sounds more like a souped up version of Destruction. Specifically, listen to the riffs and the vocals – David Disanto has taken Marcel Schmier’s distinctive “half-spoken word/half shriek with occasional octave jumps” vocal style, dropped the speech in favor of more shrillness, and ends up sounding like a black metal vocalist with an above-average sense of cadence and dynamics. The riffing shares the same preference for  unconventional shapes and occasional ‘fills’ (Again, if you need a metaphor referencing Destruction, check out the introduction to ‘Mad Butcher’).

As if that weren’t enough, Vektor has more melody in their riffs than the entire Gothenburg scene combined. Exaggerations aside,  lots of consonant intervals and harmonies make themselves felt in songs like “Deoxyribonucleic Acid” and “Oblivion”, and they’re not solely of the minor third variant. They also engage in a great degree of extended songwriting, with the final track (Accelerating Universe) reaching a substantial 13 minutes and 31 seconds. These are not ambient, minimalistic songs like Enslaved used to write – the riff count is higher, and while the tempos vary, they’re often very fast, because this still a thrash metal album deep down.

Vektor is often lumped in with the thrash revival crowd, which makes, considering their apparent influences. Compared to your average revivalist, however, their ambitions seem far greater.  How many new bands in the ‘scene’ are going for the prog-thrash bent? If you consider old bands, Mekong Delta’s been doing pretty well since Lurking Fear, but I really can’t think of many, especially of the currently active sort. The band’s releasing their 2rd full length Outer Isolation on November 22nd, and it’s supposed to be more aggressive and technical while also being more concise (I used to say it was their 3rd, but apparently the band no longer counts Demolition as anything but an extended demo). But we’ll see how things turn out.

Highlights: “Black Future”, “Oblivion”, “Forests of Legend”, “Asteroid”


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