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On detainment paranoia – a possible antidote

So there’s been a lot of buzz lately about a relatively large amount of detainees on 9/11 related paranoia. Suffice it to say that now is a very bad time to live in the Western world if you have even the slightest drop of Arabic blood in you. Technically, you should be careful if it’s enough to alter your appearance, since your average person isn’t going to consider the universal ancestor fallacy.

More importantly, I may have figured out a way to hold the wrath of such police at bay. It’s very simple – just pass a law that requires the government to pay a significant amount of money to anyone who was detained by law enforcement officials, and later found out not to have been wanted/guilty of any crimes, or having the intention to commit such. Exactly how much money I’m not sure of. It should probably relate to the severity of the charges, and the overall ranking of the officials (I.E someone who is wrongfully accused of first-degree murder by an FBI agent should be compensated much more than if they’re accused of possession of marijuana by a normal cop). Most importantly, it should probably be limited to more serious, rare crimes, especially relatively simple, clear cut ones in which a bad ruling would indicate error amongst law officials, rather than legitimate ambiguity, like a hung jury. Amongst other things, if the amount of money is large enough, the governments would hold their police to a higher standard, because the alternative would be losing cash. In addition, the victims could put the money received to various uses (most likely hedonism, but if we’re lucky, they could do something productive like starting a business). Of course, if the amount of money is large enough to be effective, we might see people trying to game the system. It’d be hard to prosecute to a point.

I’d like to hear your opinions on this. Like any raw idea, it needs further input. As far as I can tell, we especially need a clearly defined scope for people and cash, but anything else is appreciated.

PS: With this in mind, it strikes me that attempting to hijack a plane or otherwise engage in acts of terrorism on a plane is a particularly foolish idea, especially because of the heightened security measures of the time. Anyone with a shred of creativity can think up all sorts of mayhem that doesn’t require boarding a plane (or even getting near one). I’d share my own ideas, but that’d defeat the purpose of getting you to use your mind, am I right?

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