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First Contact Is Bad For You

What’s First Contact Is Bad For You really about?

Primarily, I’d say it’s actually about how people take advantage of technology. It’s also about how various peoples respond to intrusions from foreigners, how powerful people try to mold society to suit their interests, how private enterprise can drive (or inhibit) progress, and how people cope with hardships in their lives.

Also, one of the protagonists (Ted Decker) is an cybernetic bear with a human brain. How many literary protagonists have that in their favor?

First Contact Is Bad For You is my debut science fiction novel, released in August 2011 through Bookbaby. If you’re into the more irreverent sort of speculative fiction (see Terry Pratchett, Neal Stephenson, etc.), you’ll definitely find it entertaining. Currently, it’s only available as an ebook (DRM free) , but if sales are good, I might bring out an actual paper edition. It costs $4.95, although I’ve seen Barnes and Noble occasionally list it at a lower price. Thanks to Bookbaby, who provided the distribution, and the cover art.

Bookbaby now distributes to more stores than I can conveniently link to! If you see it for sale in an odd place, check Bookbaby’s list of distributed platforms, as I have opted into letting them send it anywhere they wish. Most of them should provide free samples, giving you the first 10-20 pages or so. Note that this also includes Apple’s iBookStore, but I can not conveniently link to that, unfortunately.


Here is a link to an early storyboard from May 2008. If you’re interested in seeing some early ideas I had, definitely check it out, although it’s substantially different from what this eventually became.

A sequel is in the works. I’ll post about it on this blog when it’s nearing completion.

Check out my other works by clicking the “Published Works” button at the top of the page.

I am currently not doing any public free distribution of this book. In the past, I ran a small giveaway on the official forums for ZDoom, a modified version of the engine used in the video game DooM. Check back occasionally – I might do this sort of thing again in the future.

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    Congrats on the book – and all the best with its release. BTW, I use Sibelius to compose too! Keep writing – all the best. Brian Felsen, President, BookBaby

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