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Quickie: Brutality – Screams of Anguish (1993)

One of the more obscure death metal recordings of this era. Considering the competition in the death metal world this year (Covenant, Breeding the Spawn, Nespithe, Elements, The Erosion of Sanity, Spheres, etc.), you’d think this would have drawn more notice, because it’s more than proficient and could easily run with the titans of the genre.

This is a relatively melodic form of death/doom metal – it often wallows in slow, simplistic sections (For instance, the beginning of “Exposed to the Elements”), but frequently rises to ~200 BPM for the more dissonant riffs. Compared to your average death metal album, this is more atonal (although it relies on conventional music theory more than Demilich). Many of these riffs use consonant harmonies to create their dissonant effects. This, combined with the sheer number of good riffs (very high) keeps things interesting over repeated listens.

Outside the guitars, this album seems more conventional. The drums are varied and technical, but since I generally don’t pay much attention to drumming, I can’t really comment effectively. The vocalist (Scott Reigel, with help from bassist Jeff Acres) generally remains midrange for the style – lower pitched than Chuck Schuldiner and friends, yet far less guttural than the more brutal variants of death metal (irony), such as Suffocation’s Frank Mullen.

Definitely worth checking out for anyone who’s even remotely a fan of death metal, as are their next two albums (which are widely similar).

Highlights: “These Walls Shall Be Your Grave”, “Exposed to the Elements”, “Spawned Illusion”. Also worth noting is that this album has two acoustic guitar/keyboard driven interludes (“Sympathy” and “Spirit World”) that may be of interest to people who like hearing that sort of thing on their albums.


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