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Further stupid things people say in League of Legends

Because most of the things they say are stupid, and most of the things here are stupider than what usually comes out of their mouth. Haven’t been playing as much as I used to (Amongst other things, I finally got around to playing VVVVVV because of the rewrite, and a Nuzlocke challenge in Pokemon Leaf Green, etc), but on average, a LoLparson produces enough gems in their career to fill out an installment. Also, it’s less work to make you weep for your species than to praise yet another heavy metal band.

I forget the context in this one, but it could either be brilliant trolling or genuine stupidity… probably the latter.
52. “fukk you and your mission statement punk !”
Same here.
53. “because there are a little Overpowered.”

54. “i do this every gae and never get suspened”

55. “He was a jerk to us the whole time calling us noobs and he even called us a slang term for a female bodypart. This is the type of player that makes me dislike this game when I play he was a jerk and wouldnt leave us alone. I wish that you would ban this person from playing on his ip address!”
No, you should really ban his friend’s IP address, just to confuse and further enrage him. Also, as of now, Riot doesn’t ban by IP.
56. “he sat at the bace the hole game doing nothing accept dissing his howl team”
What is this? National Homonym Day?
57. “plz let him out of rank game..”

58. “no phaton dance you gison and gomblad omg”
I remember that in the tribunal case I harvested this from, the offender seemed rather fond of “Gison and Gomblad”. Sounds like a brand of chili.
59. “nub is ur dads middle name”

60. “making the team bad when U say all NOOBS”

61. “lever ban”
Yeah, fuck that lever and send it back to Madrid, where it will grow fat off the rice and fish in the surrounding Castilles.
62. “we nee dot deal with”

63. “fk u all ima start feeding cuz im a fkn feeder”

64. “got pised raged at malp then sucided”

65. “i prefere to feed and help my team doing kill over solo and dont help us team do kill and survive”
It sounds like this fellow has some degree of malevolence towards his allies, but he doesn’t realize that to grief properly, he can’t just sandwich the feeding and assistance of the enemy team between normal play.
66. “swore all game, made me cry and play bad :'(”

67. “nobody cares about you lagg so repror you”


69. “idiot dont wont to tock or do any thing always using baf langueage”
Engrish is a baf langueage too.
Calm down. You probably scared them off with your uncouth manner of speech.
71. “omg fukken worship my c0ck qqqqqq”

I guess this guy is a fan of The Muppet Show.
73. “all reprot veiger unskiled palyer ty”

74. “he was calling people retard and cuurseing me out”

75. “and keep saying gg ruined my game”
If someone saying “GG” ruins your game, I’d hate to see what happens if you do something genuinely wrong.

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