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More novel buildup: An early storyboard

This comes all the way from late May, 2008 – the novel has changed hugely in the intervening times. However shrewd (insane?) readers may be able to guess at what’s coming, and once the book comes out, see where certain ideas may have come into play. The actual draftwriting was a very slow process (I was lazy), so the book had ample opportunity to morph into something far different. To prevent inconsistencies, improve the writing, set up the formatting for eBook forms, I’m doing substantial revisions, but the plot at this point has basically frozen into its final form.

Anyways, take a look; you might find some interest.

The document itself.

A few things I find interesting:

1. The mentioned locales had wildly different names (foreign sounding ones) – more importantly, I hadn’t decided to put the distaste of extraterrestrial languages in the Earthers.

2. There’s a few tinges of wacky magic  (or at least, technobabble supported science) in there – one of the ideas I was bouncing around VERY early on was Bob and Decker would be sci-fi guys working on a fantasy planet.

3. I use Halo references to refer to stuff, even though I’ve never been a fan of the series.

4. There are much more clearly defined antagonists in here. Also, Decker remains a relatively protagonist flavored character in the final work.

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