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“Eiddle Eiddle Dee” and all that gibberish

Summer vacation always implies video game binges. I picked up an old favorite – Populous: The Beginning, and blasted through about 20 hours of that in the last 3 days. What can I say? It holds up. Mind you, the last time I played it was when I was about 11 at best (I.E 2003), and I have distinct memories of using the “BYRNE” code to cheat out the ass and spam about a hundred Angels of Death (A powerful, expensive summon that flies around eating enemy units – one is bad enough, a hundred is just idiotic). I wasn’t very good at gaming back then.

A few notes:

1. For late 1998, this game looks amazing, especially in D3D mode. I think the main benefit here is that the artists weren’t under any constraint of realism and could go full broke for whatever looked good. Also, the landscapes are high on polygons, and the clouds look cool. The only thing that really reaches similar standards is “Unreal”.

2. The game desperately needed a level editor packed in. Even a simple tool with a set of airbrushes or something would’ve helped. As it is, it took a lot of third party tools to create such things.

3. I really wish there were more spells in the game – it might’ve caused an interface snafu, but still.

Naturally, I end up having a craving for more godgames because the title really isn’t perfect. When asking for recommendations, most of them pointed towards Bullfrog mastermind Peter Molyneux’s game “Black and White”, which I started playing. I haven’t played far enough to make any real judgement, but I did encounter a strange sidequest where three men sing a shanty about how they want stuff from the player character.

If you’re lucky, you’ll hear more from me on the subject.

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