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Bad Ideas 10 – Electric Boogaloo

Now with 10% more cancer! Speaking of such…

91. Statistics jokes about cancer.

92. Feeding Cthulhu his own tentacles at a dinner (and not deep frying them).

93. Rafting down the Mississippi River and using a PDP-11 as your boat.

94. Waging war with giant chess pieces (although I see great potential for the knights)

95. Using UFOs as frisbees.

96. Giving your dogs Microsoft software to bury.

97. Filling hot air balloons with fart gas (Air with an above average concentration of methane)

98. Reconstituted Alex Kidd patties.

99. Adding elemental bromine to alcoholic cocktails to give it that extra “burn”.

100. Creating 100 “Bad Ideas” and hoping that their overall wackiness will contribute to one’s notoriety.

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