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A preview of things to come

“You think they’re a threat?” Decker said, eyes quickly sizing up the people in the crowd. Some of them were either well armed, dangerously muscular, or some combination of both.

“Might be,” Bob replied, “How much face will we lose if they overcome us?”

“… Probably all of it, but over the course of a few months. Because corpses decay.”

I’m working on a novel!

Technically, I’ve been doing such for quite some time now, and I think the job’s nearly complete. The writing process began in the middle of 2008, reached its conclusion in the middle of 2010, and everything up until now has been revision and publishing research. Right now, the draft’s length is approximately 72,000 words – not incredibly long, but it should give prospective readers a decent bite to chew.

A few things about the contents:

1. It’s a science fiction novel, in that the main plot thread is about a first contact scenario.

2. It’s not written as a comedy, although you might find some humorous sections.

3. I plan to write at least one short story that takes place in the universe. I have also written a rough outline of a possible sequel, but I don’t know if I want to write it out ccompletely.

4. I’m hoping I can get the work out before Fall 2011.

5. I am initially going to publish this as an eBook. If desire is high enough, I’ll try to get a physical copy out.

More details in the future.

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