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Bad Ideas 8 – The Primer On Good Behavior

As we continue our search for counterexamples, we learn what is, in fact, a good idea, from the common threads that the bad ones share and the good ones do not.

71. A keychain made of pencil shavings and antiacids.

72. Recursive betel nut chewing sessions.

73. Dipping Martin Heidegger in hot sauce.

74. Edible histories, but only if they’re about foods, feasts, cannibalism, etc.

75. Bombing targets with thousands of pounds of Bibles (The Gutenberg translation is acceptable).

76. Holding high school proms for unmixed populations of African and European honey bees.

77. Strangling one’s self with a checkerboard.

78. Filming a dramedy adaptation of a textbook.

79. Attempting to use Greek fire to cook steaks at a barbecue.

80. Making a reference to a previous Bad Idea involving using a song as what its title depicts, then reconsidering.

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