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Quickie: Therion – Vovin

If only they had called it “Voivod” for bizarre, inexplicable reasons.

Anyways, this is basically a better version of Theli – the production is better, the guitars are a bit riffier, the choirs sound better, and the writing has improved a bit. Compared to Symphony Masses or Beyond Sanctorum, this is VERY tame. But if you’re into the whole “symphonic metal” thing, pick this up.

Case in point: “Wine of Aluqah”. This song is not going to win any awards for having a hyper-complex structure (because it doesn’t), but it has enough diversity to justify its length, and any given part has enough going on that it doesn’t become a half-hearted drone or bore. In addition, it brings back some much-needed speed into the Therion formula, along with the more openly power-metal flavored “The Wild Hunt”. Most of the other songs are midpaced, although the album ends with the slow, sparse “Raven of Dispersion”.

What can I say? This is probably very easy listening from the aesthetic standpoint, but it’s done with enough craft and attention that it deserves recognition and listening. Besides, Therion performed most of their innovation on the two albums preceding this – there’s a lot to be said for an album that takes said ideas and refines them.

Highlights – “The Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah”, “Wine of Aluqah”, “The Wild Hunt”, “Raven of Dispersion”

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