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Bad Ideas 7 – Bad Ideas In Space

Another arbitrary length, another set of bad ideas. Attempting to use the intervals between these as a clock would be a bad idea, but not nearly as terrible as some of the other things that have been posted.

61. Sculpting a spouse out of Semtex.

62. Replacing your computer’s hardware with potato chips.

63. Trying to create cyborgs by baking microchips into unwitting guests’ food.

64. Chrome-plating your lunch

65. Arranging and performing fugues for machine guns.

66. Hybridizing a bull with the traditional red cape used to provoke it.

67. Attempting to bury an apartment in Monopoly hotels.

68. Sharpening a pencil sharpener.

69. Referring to the process of forming glassware as a “blowjob”.

70. Minmaxing one’s self in real life with a drug addiction.

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