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Bad Ideas 5 – Some Reading Required

Picking up where we left off…

41. “Realistic Mario Bros” (think about it).

42. Reverse Youtube poop, where vulgar material is made is “remixed” by removing the words that aren’t curse words and so forth.

43.  Hiring Jay Sherman to test odors for you

44. Triggering a resonance cascade that brings medieval crusaders into the Black Mesa Research facility

45. Overclocking an oven

46. A gun that shoots rhetoric (unless it’s particularly pointed rhetoric, in which case it might be okay)

47. Hiring a proctologist to assist in alien abductions.

48. Coronating your left eye as King and right eye as Queen of your head (it should be the other way around)

49. Attempting to use the Testament song “Burnt Offerings” as a burnt offering.

50. Chasing people with a wet towel in the New York Stock Exchange while shouting the words “BLOOGA BLOOGA BLOOG” at the monitors.

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