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Morbid Angel – Covenant

Another fine blackened (by virtue of influence) slab of ripping death metal. This one is more direct and even more violent than Altars of Madness, while its predecessor is, as many of us know, more ornate, somewhat slower, and so forth. As proof of my theories, I submit to you “Pain Divine”. It’s rather fast, but what you should notice is how the guitars carry the rhythm over the constant blastbeats, as opposed to the drum patterns defining the rhythms.


As further proof of the similarities, here’s some Autopsy, and here’s some Darkthrone. Again, Morbid Angel resembles the black metal more than the death metal. Sure, Autopsy has the growls, and the thick sludgy guitar tone, but they’re slower, more rhythmically oriented, etc. Darkthrone also differs, but their overall approach to rhythms, riffing, vocal phrasing are more fluid, spread out over phrases. In short, closer to Morbid Angel and further fodder for the “Most Norwegian black metal takes its techniques from Morbid Angel” theory.

On the subject of  the work’s merits, as opposed to its traits in comparison to other works, this is not the most complex DM you’ll ever listen to, although it has more twists and turns (and velocity) than the controversial followup. It does hint occasionally at the Erik Rutan flavored compositions on “Domination” and “Gateways to Annihilation” with songs like “World of Shit” – with its slow, churning intro, but more so with “God of Emptiness”, which wallows in doom like the band had never done before… unless you count “Invocation of the Continual One”, but that wouldn’t see the light of day for some time. Most memorable (unfortunately?) is the little clean-sung bit at the end(“Bow to me faithfully, bow to me splendidly”), which manages to be thematically appropriate and goofy at the same time.

Also, there’s “Angel of Disease”, but that was composed in 1986, differs drastically in style, and should probably be considered a bonus track, regardless of the many anuses it tears in listeners.


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