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Quickie: Time Warner Cable

This company advertises incessantly, almost as if they don’t know they are about to die. Trust me on that last bit.

You see, they offer not only cable TV, but internet access, and in some areas, digital phone services. The thing is that the average computer these days is perfectly capable of performing all of those roles with just an internet connection – even some netbooks can handle high definition video streaming while retaining their battery life. Computer manufacturers know enough to promote these qualities, basically hawking their more mainstream stuff as cheap yet powerful multimedia centers with good productivity that can be hooked up to a large monitor to create  a good home theater.

Kind of an improvement over the old HDTV, eh? And it’ll save you a lot of money in the long run, too.

One slight problem – TWC is rather obsessed with remaining profitable, but it doesn’t seem like they’re willing to restructure themselves in the way that would make them competitive competitive. Right now, I guess they’re relying on a combination of three factors:

1. Many people don’t know/don’t care/have ethical qualms about websites that allow you to watch the entirety of a show at will, or don’t want to buy DVDs. Or something.

2. Time Warner tends to have a low tolerance for  outside sources, arguably on the grounds that “the creators of the show wouldn’t get enough money” (Only a mere 20-30x the salary of the average American, but open to donations and merchandising, I hope).

3. Small concessions mimicking the internet “boosts” on a lesser scale. For instanc, they seem to offer a service that allows a person to rewatch a show for three days after it aired.  That would’ve been nice in 1990, or even 2000. This decade, we can get a bit more.

But it’s basically just an example of old media moguls today – The internet is reducing their ability to stay profitable, but they don’t want to adapt, because it would hurt their profit margins. Sure, drag out the inevitable.


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