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Bad Ideas Special – Poop Sharks

You read that right. Unless you’re dyslexic, in which case my sympathy goes out to you. Or if you’re illiterate, in which case it depends on why.

So anyways, there’s these sharks. And they need to collect poop. They don’t particularly like it, but they need the poop to placate an evil volcanic vent. A certain quota of poop needs to reach said vent every year, or the vent will summon evil flowers to collect the demon power from the sharks’ spleens, then turn them into plankton. So they’re bettween a rock and a… smelly place.

But anyways, the only place to get the poop is from cults of satanic penguins. They don’t do much, if any devil worship, but they use the music of nu-metal bands like Limp Bizkit and Coal Chamber (which the sharks hate) to guard their poop stockpiles. It means the sharks have to resort to increasingly strange methods of gathering poop – first they just try to ambush the penguins, then they try to attack the nu-metal artists… then they find out the staggeringly large amounts of poop released by land animals that doesn’t sink into the land of the penguins (it’s implied that they’re abnormal penguins that can survive massive amounts of pressure).

So it ends up with sharks trying to find their way into the sewers and get to the “motherload of shit”.

Did I mention that this could be one of those silly “Animals with attitude” CGI films that comes out? Kind of like Flushed Away, in that it involves a lot of poop. But I couldn’t say more specifically, at least without watching said movie.


  1. whathefiretruck
    2010/10/23 at 05:29

    it’s an oscar winner for sure. i would watch it. i would also make my nephews and nieces watch it (and forever be known as the ‘Bad Aunty’ who takes small children to see movies about Limp Bizbit, sharks and poo while feeding them sugary red food and coca-cola and teaching them ‘Bad Words’). I have a feeling you would be in on this too.

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