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Bands who felt strangled by black metal moved away from it

This might be one of the most obvious statements ever, but if you ever listen to one of those “post black-metal” bands like Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Solefald, you’re not really going to actually hear much of anything that actually, y’know, sounds like the Norwegian 2nd-wave black metal that comes out of speakers when given a Burzum, early Darkthrone, Immortal, Mayhem, etc CD.

Then again, there wasn’t really an archetypical “Norwegian black metal” sound – while Immortal blasted into grim and frostbitten kingdoms, Burzum explored the cosmos and eventually ended up torn between Asgard and a Norwegian prison cell, Darkthrone epitomized misanthrophy and cold hatred until we found out that they were actually nice intelligent guys who liked classic metal, Enslaved went from the hallmarks of minimalism and ambience to Pink Floyd worship, Emperor was first majestic, then violent, and other extended dissimiles that may at best, hint slightly at the music these bands wrote. But it was only after some “orthodox” bands popped up, and then further after the apparent wave of “Myspace black metal” that created a typical sound for it.

But regardless of how many overall variations of it was, we still hear those wonderous distorted vocals, tremelo picks, blast beats, etc that are so important to the genre. I’m sure these people thought that black metal was new and interesting early on, but as far as I can tell the people who eventually made these “post-black metal albums” weren’t too big on repeating themselves. Then again, only the bands with relatively constant lineups stood a chance of even doing this – but as I’ve mentioned occasionally, the black metal scene might’ve been given to experimentation more than your average genre of musicians.

I disgress – them “post-black metal” bands don’t tend to sound much of anything like black metal outside the vocals for the most part. Said name even is pretty questionable, because they only get that name for having links to the black metal scene. You get such influences as neoclassical (Arcturus), jazz (Ved Buens Ende), even mainstream pop music, etc. With such a potential diversity, you might not want to use a “post” term to describe music. I know I wouldn’t – It’s a niggling matter of taxonomy, but I’d rather not describe music in terms of relation to a “scene”, preferring something that actually suggests what a listener might expect from the music. A hard proposition, but there’s no such thing as a “post-black metal” riff, chord, rhythm, etc. I’ve said the same with “indie” music, but whatever.

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