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Bad Ideas 3: The First Final Chapter

These are going to keep coming, I’m sure.

21. Asking Pac-Man to eat his own shorts.

22. Naming a fez “Charlie”

23. Replacing all the characters of Mass Effect with window-mounted air conditioners

24. Hip hop remixes of Ronnie James Dio songs where the “beats” are provided by a man simulating farts with his armpits

25. Bringing a gun to a fight in the Dragon Ball universe

26. Attempting to publish the drug facts of an over-the-counter pharmeceutical as a fiction novel

27. Making thinly veiled references to Akira Toriyama in the lyrics of a Therion song (I bet that someday, they do it)

28. Painting depictions of nursery rhymes in a dada style, then adding copious amounts of pornographic content

29. Making a joke about an usher falling at a wedding with the punchline referencing Edgar Allen Poe

30.  Dying your hair blonde, shaving it off, then gluing some to every surface in a room.

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