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Bad Ideas #2

How can you tell I like the idea of posting a list of “bad ideas” ?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m producing a sequel.

11.  Combining hip hop slang with archaic (for instance Elizabethan) English.

12. Attempting to dress modestly as a creature existing in three dimensions of space, yet being able to see in four dimensions.

13. Replacing a car’s engine with high-performance computing parts and hoping the waste heat creates enough power to overcome friction and drag.

14. Lofting a water bed, then storing a collection of swords under it.

15. Related to 14, using a blimp as an air bed.

16. Two people conspiring to go to a masquerade as the other person, then switching costumes halfway through.

17. Removing the last letter from your name for no apparent reason

18. Ripping out one’s testicles and using them as jewelry

19. Using battery acid as deodorant

20. Trying to use the contents of one’s desk as “Bad Ideas” fodder, causing a long string of school supply and electronics ideas, followed by something about bedsprings.

  1. Ghastly
    2011/11/05 at 17:01

    Re: #11, or combining Elizabethan dialogue with LA gang war settings, a la that Romeo and Juliet remake.

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