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Quickie: “Bad Ideas”

It’s very simple – I’ll post a list of things that simply should not be done, made, or whatever verb fits them. Alright?

1. Bathing in awesomeness (at least without a good bar of soap)

2. Baking a mechanical biscuit

3. Militarizing the drawl of a Southern accent

4. Attempting to send nightmarish piranha in a chain email letter

5. Banging your head against solid objects even though Paul Baloff says it’s cool

6. Storing pop music records in nuclear fallout shelters.

7. Using a snake as a rope

8. Attempting to replace the cooking implements in your house with NVidia’s “Fermi” architecture graphics cards

9. Studying the German language on the planet Char

10.  Attempting to clone Star Trek characters from the authorized “Pocket Books”

We may or may not see more of these in the future.

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