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Got some damn Starcraft II

Colloquialisms aside, this is appreciated. Got it on launch day, although not at the very minute or hour of it – I’d say 7:30 PM. It’s the standard edition (if I were made of money, I would probably went for the Collector’s edition). So I thought I might share some stuff about my experiences with Starcraft and Blizzard Entertainment.

It turns out that I first saw Starcraft in 1999 or so, when it’d been out for a while. Then again, I was a kid, and didn’t really get a good look at it – it looked like a Star Wars video game, and I didn’t really care about such at the time, ignoring it to look at some game called “Marble Drop”. Two years later, it turned out a neighbor had the game – at this point, it actually WAS interesting. Still being a small (more in numerical age than in height at that point) child, I convinced my parents to buy it for me, and after a while, Brood War. And this was fun. Some time later, I got my hands on the Battle.Net Warcraft II, and having some access to the internet at this point, I started playing that game on B.Net, and after some time, started the same with Starcraft. Over the next few years, I picked up Warcraft III and Diablo II (the expansion for that much later than the base product), and eventually started playing those online. With Starcraft and Warcraft, I tended towards playing custom “Use Map Settings” maps – map developers have done some great things with the games’ engines and editors. I even made some maps of my own – an unwieldy tactical warfare map called “The Desert Campaign”, a unit-based defense map called “Evolves Defense” (named because the upgrade system worked through an “evolution” system), and numerous smaller modifications of some maps. They were ambitious, and somewhat buggy. In the case of the latter, people complained that I had put too much text (despite there being only a few paragraphs at best)  into the game, on the account that “ppl dont reed fuker” or something like that. But I disgress.

I never really made much of an attempt at mapping in Warcraft III, because I didn’t feel like taking the time to learn how to do triggering in it. But I plan to attempt it with SC2, now that I’ve got some basic experience in programming  and some methods to do so. Whatever I produce will probably be quite ambitious (and possibly rather buggy at first), and hopefully fun to play.  Or it might be a boring monstrosity that brings the latest and most powerful systems to a screeching halt, before promptly crashing to the desktop.

Anyways, the program has finished installing. Despite these dreams of mapping grandeur, I’m going to start by playing the campaign.

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