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Quickie – Queen [1973] – Keep yourself alive by listening to it!

How convenient. It’s a debut album by a popular band whose singer is well loved even after death. And the rest of the band deserves some respect, too.

This is one of those ’70s albums that occupied the strange netherland between ordinary blues styled hard rock, the progressive rock of the same time (It must’ve eaten an opera singer and a musical trope beforehand) and the bombastic heavy metal that was forming (of the Deep Purple/Rainbow sort rather than the doomier Black Sabbath sort). It’s well performed, but the mix is raw and unpolished. Freddie Mercury has the range to step in and substitute for pretty much any range (except the extremely low ones). The drummer steps in to sing the semi-interlude “Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll”, and does a relatively typical job of it. Seven Seas of Rhye shows up in a finished form on the next album. Isn’t that nice?

So anyways, this is not the sort of album that cares for your verse/chorus songs, although it does make use of them occasionally. There’s a great amount of dynamics and tempo shifting on this album, a few ballads of sorts. Suffice it to say that this is a long way from the straight out pop music the band ended up performing in the 1980s. Then again, prog wasn’t exactly “in” then. But I disgress.

If you live your life without listening to such songs as “Keep Yourself Alive”, “Great King Rat”, and “Liar”… you’ll be ok, I guess. But you’d certainly be missing out.


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